S.E.H Kelly - Garments from the British Isles

There's really only one problem with the cotton cardigan. No one believes it's cotton. They think it's made from wool. Some sort of merino maybe. But no. The cotton cardigan really is — honestly, genuinely, and all joking aside — made from cotton.
- S.E.H Kelly

This quote basically puts S.E.H Kelly in one... honest. The clothing brand from North London make some of the finest pieces of clothing I have seen in a long time with their basic but fashionable woolwear. 

Using regional mills and using some of the finest makers in the UK, S.E.H Kelly is a brand that everyone home-grown brand should take a leaf out of with their pride of home produce, not only do they make home-grown garments but their quality is far superior to what you get with the likes of Lyle & Scott etc..

S.E.H Kelly offer a range of knitwear, shirts, jackets and trousers that any British male would love to own on them cold winter days, you understand the pride and effort put in their work as soon as you look at the garments with their classic cuts and traditional colouring. My favourite has to be the Raglan Mac which is made out of Charcoal-Grey Herringbone Wool, the mac is a coat that is the pinnacle of male coats in Britain with its style and the Raglan Mac is no exception with its style and the ultimate sense of tradition.

 Visit their website - http://www.sehkelly.com/


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