Another year, Another Glasto

With the fields of Glastonbury finally beginning to clear, the past weekend has produced some of the finest memories for music fans around the globe. Anyone that had a chance to go to Glastonbury for a single day or the entire weekend will agree that this year Glastonbury owned the festival season and it has only just begun.

Glastonbury missed out on the action last year to allow for the fields to recuperate from the annual bombardment of urine, alcohol, mud and other substances so this year they had to come back with a bang and earn the title of best festival of 2013 in style. That reward they have definitely accomplished. Even from the armchair of my sofa, Glastonbury was amazing with all the recorded action over the past weekend due to BBC's broadcast of the festival.

Friday marked the return of the beloved Arctic Monkeys from their retreat to the dusty deserts of the Mojave. In 2007, Arctics were given the surprising and career-making spot of headlining Glastonbury and as much as they impressed, it always seemed that they could provide a whole lot more to that stage so in a way Arctics had a point to prove and by god did they prove it.

With a set that included "some new shit and some old shit" to quote Turner's own words, the Arctics set a marker for a headliner at Glastonbury that many bands past and future will not achieve. The new look and the new surge of self-confidence that has surged through each member of the foursome and placed this band into contention as most probably the greatest band of this generation and the admiration of every youthful skinny-jeans wearing indie.

Out with the young and in with the old was the memo for the Saturday headliners as the OAP troop of four rockers otherwise known as the Rolling Stones blessed the stage with their presence. The Stones give a lesson for many bands to learn from with their upbeat tempo and Jagger's ever-so brittle hip flexes, watching his dance moves must of put St.John's Ambulance on the highest of alerts.

The Stones had the luxury of choosing from a back catalogue the size of the Holy Bible but as well as putting their new album at the forefront of their set, the classics were 'rolled' off one after the other in true Glastonbury fashion.

The sights on a Sunday at Glastonbury or any 3-day festival for that matter aren't the greatest of sights with the concoction of sex, drugs and rock and roll taking it's toll on the masses of teenage kids who think they can live it large after 48 hours of constant drinking that would make any kidney shreek in absolute horror. However the wonderful Mr. Glastonbury (Michael Eavis) chose the perfect band to make the copious amount of hungover-hippy students crawl out of their mud-ridden tents and end the festival in good spirits.

That band that was given that no doubt pleasing and honourable task was the foursome who have extended rock-folk music to the masses, Mumford & Sons. Their easy-listening and sing-a-long anthems paid dividend as the crowd were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful music played in front of their eyes. Mumford provided the perfect end to Glastonbury with the song "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" which included numerous bands that performed throughout Sunday.

Away from all the limelight of headline acts, Glastonbury gifted us with a vast number of huge artists that suited every individual's 'cup of tea' with the likes of The XX, Neil Rodgers and Chic, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Editors and many more performing. 

Glastonbury 2013 will be a tough act to follow for many of the festivals yet to come but the challenge is definitely in the hands Mr. Eavis as Glastonbury 2014 is less than a year away! 


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