Albums of 2013 - The Story So Far....

2013 has graced us with some fantastic albums for some old and new faces so far and it has got music fans around the globe very excited for what is to come for the rest of the year. We are coming up to nearly a third way through 2013 so here is some of the best albums I have listened to..

Palma Violets - 180

These London-formed lads have burst onto the scene with special attention and rave reviews coming from NME and the such. Their debut album titled 180 is a great indie album and a pleasure to listen to, their soft and smooth beats provide a well earned rest to our ears after a hard days work. The lead singers of Samuel Fryer and 'Chilli' have a sense to a Vaccine-like twang to them but with a more mellow sound to their song. The Modfather himself, Paul Weller, praised them after awarding them with best new band in the NME Awards Ceremony and praise from Weller has to well earned.

Listen to: Step Up For The Cool Cats

David Bowie - The Next Day

Bowie fans had to wait 10 years for this album to come out and by heck Bowie didn't let them down. For what will be undoubtedly his final album, Bowie has left us with an album that deserves respect and the highest of praises. He provides a mature sense of rock'n'roll in this album with great lyrics that takes fans back to share his and their own best days. The Next Day instantly became the fastest selling album of 2013 and to no surprise the rumours of one last hurrah in Bowie doing a live show spread around the web.

Listen to: Next Day, Where Are We Now

The Courteeners - ANNA

ANNA shows the growth of the Courteeners and is an album that will hold significance in their future at the top of the indie music scene. The Courteeners' second album, Falcon was adored by the hardcore fans but it failed to hit the masses but ANNA has done what the second album intended to do and show that the Courteeners aren't just a one album pony. A new look Liam Fray has completed shifted this band from indie has-beens to a completely new direction with this album but still maintain that St. Jude charm about them, hats off to Liam indeed.

Listen to: Are You in Love With A Notion

Miles Kane - Give Up

Miles hasn't released the full extent of his second album just yet but his EP titled, Give Up, has got the new age mods revving up their vespas in excitement. However it isn't all mod-revival with this EP giving a more rock'n'roll feel to it with the single Give Up but it does show that Miles isn't prepared to stick to what he knows with his cuban heels and Weller-esque barnet and he is going to branch out to a more vast audience. Miles doesn't stray too far with his B-side Woman's Touch which still has all that Miles charm and indi-mod feel. Collaborations with Paul Weller and other artists shows a lot of promise for his second album though!

Listen to: Woman's Touch

Wild Belle - Isles

I must admit was a late addition but after listening to their released singles it was definitely worth a mention. Wild Belle are a mix with The Specials and a distant Jazz cafe with their debut album Isles. The brother-sister duo from Chicago have certainly been the band on everybody's lips and this album certainly holds a lot of praise but to see where they go from this album is a difficult vision to make clear. Their jazz/reggae/pop/ska edge is hard to replicate twice without sounding samey but this album is a cracker. 

Listen to: It's Too Late, Twisted


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