Kanye vs Jay Z

The collaboration between Kanye West and Jay-Z is as strong as the foundations of the Empire State Building but 2013 has brought these two figureheads of modern rap to battle. Both Kanye and Jay-Z have released new solo material with the releases of 'Yeesus' and 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' and automatically the sales of their material are very close indeed.

The similarities between both artists show exactly why their collaboration in music achieves greatness with tracks like 'Otis' and 'N****as in Paris'. Their album 'Watch The Throne' was a huge hit last year and both artists are at their prime of music creation, Kanye and Jay-Z are the go-to men when it comes to modern rap tracks.

Both artists have used the foundation of religion as the basis of their albums with both of them claiming to be 'God'. However with all their similarities, they have decided to differ in the direction their new albums go in.

Kanye West's 'Yeesus' is modern in every sense with his new fashion-challenging looks, abstract live shows and this album follows that trend with a mix of sounds that is very unique indeed. However the mix doesn't always work, some tracks are amazing like 'Black Skinhead' and 'Blood on the Leaves' with their modern ways and classic Kanye lyrics but some of the album sounds monotonic, dull and on top of that the constant claim of Kanye claiming he is 'God' is somewhat annoying. His direction is new and fresh with will excite many of his devoted fans but he hasn't yet mastered his innovative ways, he is like a professor with a new idea but without the science behind it to perfect his method.

Jay-Z's newly released album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' has seemed to take a much diluted dose of modern direction than 'Yeesus' to tease those millions of fans to plot the future of Jay-Z's music. His classic, tongue-in-cheek lyrics with the subtle addition of some famous lyrics from the likes of 'R.E.M.' and 'Nirvana' go perfectly with some new beats and hanging basslines that will get any party going. His collaboration with some of the best artists at the moment also bring the prospect of some chart releases will bring his exposure of his album to the premium level especially the collaboration with his wife, Beyonce, that will get any music-lover salivating. His experience in this game has definitely shone through this album, the album gives a sense that Jay-Z created this album and he already knew exactly what each track was going to sound like before he even started making it.

Even though this heavyweight fight is still in its early rounds, it definitely seems like Jay-Z could be getting that early knock out and claiming the title of 'Best rap album of 2013' with ease. Watch this space indeed.


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