The Evolution of Apple?

Apple has reportedly been becoming very busy to modernise the iTunes section of its vast company to rival the likes of Spotify and other streaming products. Also, to accompany the streaming, Apple could be trying to aims its market towards the Android users in the world.

There is no doubt that if Apple were offering a streaming service, like Spotify, that it would more than likely blow all competition out of the water. For instance, instead of buying a song of the Apple Store for 99p, you would be able to pay a monthly payment to have unlimited access to the complete store. Also, if they decided to allow this to occur on all forms of Apple software then it would literally destory all streaming Apps as such.

Apple have also reportedly decided to reach out to those who dont neccessary enjoy the iPhone or iPad and opt to use Android software. An app which would allow an Android user to reach their iTunes library at home, for example, would totally revoultionise the battle between Apple and Android and make it a more harminous relationship.


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