Alex Butler - Stole Her Away

Local lad and good friend of mine Alex Butler has released a spanking new video for his third track on his EP called Stole Her Away.

The four track EP named Turn is available to download on iTunes and I would totally suggest you to download as the EP is an absolute gem, his first two releases Turn and Come Out of Your House are very indie-pop and brimming with energy but Stole Her Away brings another element to his ability that shows a much softer side to Alex.

Stole Her Away revels in its differentness with quirky snippets of lyrics to harmonize perfectly with the unique and charming voice of Alex in all his chivalrous ways.

Alex definitely deserves credit for his EP and his creativity and variety in both his tracks and accompanying videos, his live shows have been given rave reviews off people I have spoke to so he is the ultimate package (he even wears cuban heels!!)

Watch above his new video for the track 'Stole Her Away'.


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