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Christmas sales have officially already begun with End Clothing already posting most of their sale items online ready for all the eager shoppers on Christmas Day looking for that expensive Christmas jumper they couldn't afford beforehand. I have went through all of the sale stuff soo far and picked out some very good bargains and some stuff that I have personally got on my own wishlist!

I have been after a new backpack for a while now as my Eastpak is always used by my Father who thinks he is some sort of middle age trend setter by using all of his sons stuff so this Fjällräven Kånken Backpack is a perfect replacement. This backpack comes in a wide range of colours and it is neat and compact without all of the pockets and compartments you find on normal bags which I definitely prefer, it is on sale from £55.00 to £35.00 so for £20 cheaper it is a definite bargain and will more than likely be getting bought in the January sales.

This Fred Perry Roll Neck Sweater is a mush-have winter warmer but I am still undecided whether it is worth buying as I don't know if I would get my wear out of it. It is now £79.00 from its original price of £135.00 so it is a real saver but I have seen a few pieces of knitwear also included in the sale so I may choose something more versatile than this sweater but never-the-less this is a beautiful version of the classic from Fred Perry and if you are a regular fisherman than I would suggest splashing some Christmas money off loved ones on this piece as the English seas are a cold place to be.

I beg that nobody buys these until I do as these are my favourite find in the sale soo far. Puma's release of their classic the Suede but Made In Japan have been a firm favourite of mine since I first seen them on Hypebeast but the price was too much for a pair of trainers and my financial state wasn't in the best condition but they are now at £75.00 compared to their original price of £139.00 so I am going to End straight away to buy these and I suggest others do as well (after me of course).

This is the other sweater I have found in the sale at End and it is perfect for the upcoming end of winter we will experience, compared to the Fred Perry Roll Neck this Pendleton Shetland Crew Neck Knit is much more versatile and will go perfectly with a crisp Oxford Shirt to celebrate New Year or any post-Christmas celebrations people are doing. I was going to buy the maroon version of this sweater for my birthday in November and I am glad I didn't because my preference is much rather with this Oatmeal colour and its farmer ways. £55.00 now from its original price of £95.00

I have always been a great admirer of Fred Perry and their collaborations with Raf Simons which went on to be the basis of their Laurel Wreath collection and these two show why. Fred Perry perfectly mix classic cuts and clothes with simplicity, these 60th Anniversary pieces are a great testament to Fred Perry with a simple but elegant Zip Through Cardigan which just oozes cool, you could wear this anywhere and look as cool as the Modfather himself but for half the price of his socks. I seen this in End ages ago and I automatically couldn't resist myself from buying but fortunately my bank balance stopped me as this has been reduced to £125.00 from £175.00 which is still expensive especially after spending a lot of money over the Christmas period but it is definitely worth it. On the other side of the price spectrum is this classic Fred Perry polo, I don't know one person who doesn't own a Fred Perry polo but this is my favourite I have seen as I love the colour mixture of claret and blue  with the style and simplicity of a Fred Perry polo. This has been reduced from £69.00 to £45.00 which is a great price for such a lovely piece of clothing.

Last but certainly not least are another pair of trainers from a great collaboration of Saucony and White Mountaineering to make these very different but fantastically looking trainer. Saucony remind me a lot of New Balance with some of their releases but these are something very different and I like these alot. The original price of £249.00 is what put me off a lot and I don't tend on spending over £100.00 on a pair of footwear but they have been reduced significantly down to £155.00 which is still alot of money but for a pair of trainers which such limited numbers it is definitely worth it for those with a lot of money floating around! By the way I take a size 9 if you want to buy me a pair as well thanks.


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