Boom-Time Rhythms With A Touch Of Modern Genius

The Great Gatsby is hitting our cinema screens this week and along with the film release, the release of its heavily hyped soundtrack was available to download last week and it is far from a let down...

The soundtrack itself includes track from Jay-Z, the XX, Florence and The Machine plus many more to create what can only be described as a piece of art in itself. Baz Luhrmann, the director of the film, enlisted the help of Jay-Z to executively produce its soundtrack and the choice has worked perfectly as the soundtrack is a perfect blend of modern beats and sounds with the recognisable rhythms of boom-time America.

Jay Gatsby is extravagant in every form of the word and the music to accompany the film matches that perfectly, not only does the soundtrack help portray the emotion in the film, it elates it to a whole new level which you couldn't get from reading the book. The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite novels I have ever read and the soundtrack is exactly what my mind plays in its own head while reading the story.

Even though Jay-Z got together some of the biggest names in the music industry to create this soundtrack, the artists he used grasp the whole plot and notion of the novel and you can feel the emotion of every song right from the up-beat swing songs to the emotional, heart-breaking ballads and this is something rare for a soundtrack, the album itself could hold its own place in the charts by itself. A lot of the artists include many of the motifs included in the story in their lyrics and it gives the sense that the artist have exactly read and understand the novel and have just made a song for the money and exposure.

The soundtrack is available to download on iTunes and buy in-store and this incredible album is definitely worth the purchase.


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