E3 - The Future of Gaming Revealed

E3 in the gaming world has bare witness to some of the most futuristic game trailers to date and has shown us audience a mere glimpse of how gaming will be played in the upcoming years.

A common theme amongst most of the game previews are their online performance and the idea of a online 'RPG' game. The following trailers will give a more clear indication of what direction the big players of gaming want to go into and I must add, it's exciting!!

I am not a huge gamer but I do keep a keen interest in the future of gaming especially on the console platform as Playstation and Xbox basically ruled my upbringing. Here are some of the new game trailers from E3.

Tom Clancey's The Division

The new addition into the Tom Clancey collection goes down the online 'RPG' that I highlight before. It plays on the New York apocalypse theme that is proved to be a huge hit in current times amongst films and games but with a futuristic edge and vast array of gadgets. However the most fascinating part of this game is the online slant, from the trailer it seems that all of the game is based online so you and your team are surviving in the streets of New York against everyone else online at the same time. If this will on one huge server of a series of different servers is unknown but this game will certainly be a blockbuster if the trailer is like gameplay.

Call of Duty - Ghosts

Obviously the talk of E3 was the new addition to the Call of Duty franchise titled 'Ghosts' and the trailer and gameplay trailer look epic. New story, new weapons and characters will work well for 'Ghosts' and hopefully the new setup for the online will rejuvenate the game from the likes of Modern Warfare and Black Ops . Call of Duty no doubt the biggest shooter on console but with the likes of Battlefield and Medal of Honour coming on leaps and bounds, Ghosts needs to bring something special.

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty's main rival after the success of Battlefield 3 is the follow-up Battlefield 4 and yet again the game has put itself in the running for becoming one of best shooters of 2013. The graphics on this game are impeccable as always but what will put this game at the forefront of new-age shooters is Battlefields ever-changing environment. Buildings and structures will be affected massively from warfare damage and the online gameplay will show its desired effect. 


The preview for this game takes gaming to a whole new level, playing on the accessibility of social media and modern society this game will let the player control a character that uses hacking methods to bring back justice in his own city-controlling way. Watch_Dogs is definitely a mix between GTA and Advanced Warfighter with its freedom of GTA and the advanced tech available to you in Advanced Warfighter. Hopefully this game can be available online with the sort of same basis of Tom Clancy's The Division with its online world.


The annual release of FIFA is coming thick and fast and for yet another year EA Sports are the biggest sport game maker out there and FIFA itself is one of the biggest selling games ever with better graphics and a bigger sense of realism that puts this game on another level. In E3, EA Sports put all 3 sports of American Football, Basketball and Football together in a huge trailer of how EA have improved these games. The attention of detail and split-second decisions that affect the real game has been the focus of FIFA with better movements and players have become even more intelligent. FIFA will forever be football heaven for consoles and this year has heightened EA's god-like status.

The Crew 

The good ol' Need for Speed game have a new competitor its title of the greatest car-racing game ever (in my eyes) and The Crew definitely has the credentials to knock the king of its crown. Based in the streets like Underground 1&2 of the NFS franchise, The Crew brings the whole customisation theme back but with a slight twist. The Crew title is a clue, if what I gained from the trailer is correct then this game will give the opportunity of an online crew patrolling the streets and causing sheer havoc and the customisation means each member of your crew can take a different role in the crew like speedster, wrecker etc... This game will definitely have NFS quaking in their racing slip-ons.

Batman: Arkham Origins 

The third release of the Batman Arkham trilogy is in the form of a prequel to the previous two to finish off the story very nicely indeed. The game will include the familier faces of The Joker and Bane but with the more in-depth addition of Black Mask, Deathstroke and Deadshot provides an exciting wait for the release of this game. The trailer hits to new gadgets and new fighting moves to give the player a fresh excitement and this removes any previous boredom from the other two. Batman will always provide a great plot and the previous stories/games didn't fail in that department and fingers crossed this whole new story will follow suit.


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