Summer Means One Thing - Summer Clothes Time!

Finally that glorious thing called the Sun has laid its rays upon England which means away from all the chavs wearing reebok shorts with the unrivalled combination of a wife-beater vest, people can start to buy some clothing that exposes skin without the risk of contracting frostbite...

End Clothing has some seriously great summer items to pick and choose from so here are my personal favourites that I have seen and will be looking to purchase permitting the wonderful weather remains.

Our Legacy Classic Short-Sleeve Shirt (Sky & Swallows)

Every summer needs to include an outrageous summer shirt and this is the perfect one. The swallow definitely captures the trend at the moment and the colours do very well to stay away from the cliche summer shirt with its vast array of bold colours. Roll the sleeves up and top up that t-shirt tan. 

Stussy 8-Ball Flower Tee (Black)

Stussy's surfing roots definitely are being resurfaced this summer with the use of Hawaii flowers and it works very well with the contrast of the black tee. Black isn't the best colour to use under the summer sun but black tees go perfectly with light chinos and will be a great look for those holiday festivals around the globe.

Uniform Experiment Check Print Border Tee (Black)

This ska-inspired tee is a definite festival goer over the summer with its Madness-esque inspired patterns. This tee is a mix between The Specials and a venetian gondolier to show us that yet again Uniform Experiment aren't afraid to break from the stereotypes of summerwear its use of black-n-white stripes.

 SOPHNET. Flower Pattern Shorts (Black)

A summer isn't a summer without a pair of flowery shorts that Ace Ventura himself would be proud of and these shorts fit the bill perfectly. Although the price is on the expensive side a touch, these shorts are a must-have buy for those who have the freedom to splash the cash this summer.

Norse Projects Hauge Bathing Shorts (Dark Navy)

Swimwear is a hard call to make when going abroad to swim in the sun, many buy ridiculously coloured shorts that resemble boxer shorts in Turkey's finest markets but this Norse Projects number do the swim short justice with a simple navy stripe to save the swimming pools of Spain being molested buy body-builders in white Speedos (phew).

Oliver Spencer x Superga 2750 (White)

Oliver Spencer's collaboration with Superga provide the perfect beach plimsole with its simple yet fashionable style. These plimsoles could be used throughout the summer for visiting the beach right through to have a few ciders in a beer garden. Although the collaboration pair are more expensive than just the original Superga version, it is always nice to stand out from the crowd once and a while.

 Asics Gel-Lyte III (White, Gold & Purple)

Away from all the relaxing on the beach and drinking a copious amount of cider, summer also provides the opportunity to do some sports that Britain doesn't normally allow you to do under its constant drizzle of rain. These Asics provide the perfect harmony of style and comfort allowing you to look cool on them tennis courts while also providing a great number for those long nights out with your friends on the town.

Adidas Trimm Star (Bluebird & White)

Last and not least, the ultimate summer trainer that all males should have, a pair of Bluebird adidas trainers. From young mods all the way to old men love this classic and these Trimm Stars provide that classic with its simple but original styling and colourway. Trimm Stars are coming out in a few colourways over the summer but stick to the classic because there is no other way to pull these off.




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