Mixtape #7

Festival season is up and running so here is a lovely mixtape from artists who are performing all over the country at the likes of Glastonbury, T in the Park etc..

Jay-Z - Tom Ford & Crown (Magna Carta Holy Bible)

Following my post about Jay-Z release of his new album, Magna Carta Holy Bible, these two tracks are definitely the stand outs amongst the crowd. With the subtle similarity towards the direction of Kanye's "Yeesus", Jay-Z has created two songs that have easily urinated on Kayne's whole entire album. These songs have it all... the iconic Jay-Z wit, the backing track to get those booties shaking and the hype to please the masses.

Kanye West - Blood on the Leaves (Yeezus)

Kanye has returned with a bold return and as well many people might think that its desired achievement hasn't been reached, this track right here is a gem. From start to end, 'Blood on the Leaves' shows the direction that Kanye wants to travel in and how affective it can be for making great songs! Taking the backing track from 'R U Ready by TNGHT' and adding some typical Kanye-esque lyrics give this song a real quality.

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (AM)

I will skip all the background around the song and allow you to read my earlier post about it here. Getting straight to the point with this track, its amazing! Arctics are no doubt at their prime at the moment with all the attention surrounding their astonishing performance at Glastonbury and hopefully their new album 'AM' will live up to the hype. Alex Turner's catchy yet romantic and ever-so genius lyrics are in full force to match their new rock & roll sound that perfectly accompanies the foot high quiff. Well done lads.

Chic - Everybody Dance (Nile Rodgers Presents The Chic Organization - Up All Night)

To all those who saw Chic & Nile perform at Glastonbury, you can completely understand why this song has been included in my mixtape. This track has literally been on loop on all my formats on media players... on the bus, in the shower the lot. Nile Rodger's recent exposure on Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' track definitely done this band some favours at Glasto with many young teenagers now getting amongst the funk that this band once gave the world. This band owned that stage soo well that I am half expecting some sparkly flared jeans making their way towards the Topman closest to you.

Palma Violets - Best of Friends (180)

Palma Violets are another addition from the hundreds of Glasto recordings available from BBC and this band were definitely a surprising hit. Palma Violets seemed to hit the ground running when their album titled '180' was released a couple of month ago but then that hype died off very quickly but this band showed all signs of growth when playing a packed Glastonbury stage. 'Best of Friends' was the stand out song by a mile with its very unique way of sounding like a live song during its album version so when the opening chords rung through the fields of Glastonbury, it sounded all the same.

Beady Eye - Soul Love (BE)

Beady Eye's second album has no way reached the craze that the first one achieved but this is good thing indeed it seems. With the rumours of Noel & Liam's famous clashes now on the back burner awaiting for a new spark (perhaps Liam's new "child" might) Beady Eye has concentrated on the music and have produced some deep and complex sounds to create a fantastic album. However, the curse of the lead vocalist has struck Liam with his already rough voice constant deteriorating it only looks like a matter until his voice will become more like a Manc grown than an actual tone.

Tom Odell - Another Love (Long Way Down)

Tom Odell couldn't of been happier two weeks ago when he was playing to a huge crowd of Glastonbury fans then the news of his number one album turned dreams into reality. 'Another Love' is the pinnacle of the album with Tom starting softly then erupting into an explosion of song and anger... a lot like his career! The good friend of Lily Allen has been given alot of support and exposure from the musical "creme" (Lily has boycotted NME due to their opinion of Tom's album). Another Love deserves all the credit and fame he has achieved as it a truly classic song.

Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell (Sistrionix)

Two Cali girls wearing little clothes and playing rock & roll... sounds like an idea of heaven doesn't it? But no Deap Vally have awarded the world of music with just that and one word of advice... don't mess with these girls. Their rough & ready rock is a beautiful matriarch homage to The White Stripes with the odd squeal of the guitar and catchy riffs. 'Baby I Call Hell' debuted in the UK on Jools Holland and boy did it light up that place, the average of the crowd was about 60 and their pace-makers must of been off the Richter Scale. 


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