Return of the Black

Some recent releases from the likes of Nike and Adidas have sparked a nostalgic war amongst the designers of football manufactures which has led to some to delve within the cobwebbed archives of their brand's past to create some of the most original yet modern football boots we have ever seen.

Over the past few years, footballers around the world have seemed to sport some rather ill-taste coloured boots to match their flash cars or pet chiwawa collar. However next season looks promising indeed, the original and ever-so perfect black is returning to professional football stadiums around the globe.

Nike started it all off with the release of their new addition to their Premier collection (see top image). Nike Premier definitely gives that nostalgic feeling that every traditional players wants to feel with Nike digging deep and pulling influences from a vast range of their previous boots to create a simply stunning pair of boots. Simple and elegant with the pure quality of kangaroo leather is what make these boots a must-have in any players arsenal of boots, the essence of the king Eric Cantona himself ring through them. After the successful hype of the Nike Premiers, Nike turned to their modern greats and pulled out a more simple and classic feel to these boots which are notorious for being as bright as the sun with a selection of aluminous colours to dazzle your opponent with. Each boot Nike have released ooze tradition with the selection of black and addition of true leather to give style and wear-ability to the new season.

 Adidas have always been known for their black out releases and this season is no expection with a new 11pro black-out release along with their brand new boot the "HyperCharge". Unlike the rest of the other footballing brands though, Adidas haven't submerged themselves in the mass history of the brand to create a classic boot but with the "Copa Mundial" and the "World Cup" still one of the best selling football boots ever, they really didn't have to. 

Puma recently have attempted to create the future of footballers footwear with lightweight and durable boots but this season they have funnelled their attention towards their classic the Puma "King". Dubbed the "King", the boot is held in the same assettem as the "Copa Mundial" and the "World Cup" with it's crafted leather upper to provide the most deft of the touches. The new "King" however follows it's predaccesors with it's new shape and modern lightweight structure but Puma haven't drifted too far from the monarch of their boots with the leather upper and all-black colourway.

The "Speciali" was wore by one of the greatest of Newcastle United players to wear the black & white shirt... Alan Shearer and Umbro's new release of their great wouldn't let the number 9 down at all. In the last couple of years Umbro have rejuvenated themselves with their back-to-basics moto and this Speciali doesn't stray far from that with it's all leather upper and the only colour that this boot offers is the slight touch of Red that will tease them professionals who love abit of extrovert imagery in their photos. 

This brand are definitely the mark of which every other brands need to be aiming for if they want to make a truly classic football boot. The Italian brand aren't the most famous amongst the celebrities of the footballing world but their exposure doesn't mean nothing when you see the sheer quality of their new release the "Piceno". They have added a bit of colour to their boot and this new release isn't their finest moment by any stretch but with any of their boots, they provide a classic look and a quality boot.


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