2013 - The Year When The Cinema Rules?

The Great Gatsby, Thor - The Dark World, Star Trek Into Darkness ... the list goes on and on!

2013 is shaping up to be one the best years for cinema in recent times with some of the biggest names releasing some absolute fantastic films that will get film-lovers around the world salivating on their slightly salted popcorn. 

January eases you in nicely with the blood-fest that it Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D which is already proving to be a huge success by knocking off the mighty Hobbit off the top-selling film as of recent, TCM 3D is a legend in the world of horror movies and its collaboration with the ever-growing trend of 3D will only give this gorey great more reason to be deemed one of the best selling horror films ever!

January also boasts the releases of Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Zero Dark Thirty and my favourite out of the lot, Gangster Squad.

3D seems to be dominating our screens at the moment as the craze of looking like a complete tool in the cinemas is continuing to ruin the lives of fellow glasses wearers like me who have to wear not one but two pair of glasses to feel the excitement of somebodies bodily sweat come out of the screen (great). This craze has hit another classic film as Jurassic Park hits our 3D glasses in April, same story line as the first one but with the joys of seeing a dinosaurs tail in 3D, I cant wait!

Another theme seeming to populate 2013's film releases is the theme of the future of the Earth, I guess this is due to the wasted belief in the 21/12/2012 phenomenon but I must admit these films will make great viewing. First off is the title Oblivion which stars our favourite hero, Tom Cruise, in a post-alien war thriller. The trailer looks pretty good to be honest but it seems to lack a plot and any sort of relevance whatsoever because currently we aren't in an alien war nor do we know if aliens exist. After Earth is my choice of post-apocalyptic Earth film for two reasons ... 

1. It includes the father and son combo of Will & Jaden Smith!  
2. It includes the father and son combo of Will & Jaden Smith! 

Now May is the greatest month of whole time (my opinion) as the film releases are the best we will see for a long time I truly believe, I will basically live in Empire Cinemas in May! 

Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby and then Star Trek Into Darkness, if that doesn't get your geeky sci-fi, super hero, Literature brain tingling then basically nothing will. We will finally get to see Leonardo Di Caprio play the amazing Jay Gatsby himself the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, I have read this book and this film looks exactly how you would picture it in your head whilst reading and the cast selection is perfect for the characters in the novel. The geek side also will get to see Iron Man's nemesis and the introduction of Captain Kirk's nemesis who is played by the man himself Benedict Cumberbatch.

Many more releases will be made during this upcoming year that will accompany all tastes but these are only a few of the ones that I can't wait to listen to so please keep posted on imbd for their upcoming releases and trailers.


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