David Bowie - Where Are We Now?

Bowie is back with a subtle bang with his new single 'Where Are We Now?' which is released in conjunction with his 66th birthday as this single has that 'getting old' feel to it straight from the first word. Bowie shows a more reflective mood in this single which perfectly accompanies the immaculate yet depressing voice of Bowie to give the impression that this could be the last we hear of the master himself.

To reach the firm age of 66 and still be able to challenge the boundaries and musical waves of this present day could only be achieved by a great writer and musician like Bowie himself but this single shows Bowie as reflecting on all his glory and fame in a simple and melodic way. That is where the beauty of this single lies for me, this single isn't about all the makeup and lightening bolt costumes that Bowie so famously wore... this single is about an old, fragile man who is coming to the end of his career but who wants to reflect and let the audience join and remember his good old days! Bowie will be remember as one of the finest British artists ever to grace our ears and at his age to still be making beautiful music like he does is a fantastic testament and a musical obituary to him.

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