Mixtape #5

Back for another mixtape guys, first one of 2013!

Here is some tracks and mixes that I have been listening and grooving to over the Christmas and New Year, hope you enjoy.

JAY-Z & Kanye West - No Church In The Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)

Watch The Throne made huge waves all over the world and this track matches the giant nature of this album, right from the opening baseline this track creates that sense of style (swag) that JAY-Z and Kanye bring to the music scene. This track also features the man of the moment Frank Ocean who provides some perfect notes to preach the true purpose of the track. I heard this on the trailer of The Great Gatsby first and it grabbed me straight away with that baseline, what a baseline!

Listen here


Groove Armada - Superstylin'

This song will definitely bring you back whilst you rave around your bedroom. Back in 2001, Groove Armada released Superstylin' and this song became one of the biggest dance tracks at the time (it even reached no.12 in the charts!). I love trying to mix this song whilst playing around on my decks as it just makes you want to dance around like an idiot and not give a care in the world. Whenever you are feeling down give this song a listen...

D.O.N.S. - Pump Up The Jam (D.O.N.S. vs Kurd Maverick Club Mix)

This remix of the original Technotronic hit is not to be sniffed at, I still think that you can't get any beat than the original itself but this remix sticks very close to the original beat and vocals while modernising it to make a much deeper beat and a more house feel to the track! This mix is a treat to mix with its fading, repeating vocals towards the start and end.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Another remix and yet again this mix keeps very close to the original using the guitar chords to ease the song and get the crowd going. Feel Good Inc. has been remixed by the very best and used in a lot of DJ's samples and this mix by the Stanton Warriors is up there. Definitely worth a listen!

WU LYF - Cave Song

I have only just starting to WU LYF's album 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' but 'Cave Song' sticks out to be their best straight away! Evan Kati's harsh and painful voice contrasts in a weird but perfect way to the band's melodies. This band remind me a lot of Radiohead, not in the music sense as both bands master different sounds but in the intimacy they display in their music. You sense the emotion in every word and every chord this band play!

Domo Genesis - Boss Life

I confess that I am not the biggest fan of rap, r'n'b etc.. but this track by Odd Future's finest, Domo Genesis, is a track that I can listen to over and over again. Odd Future have all these mixtapes for free download on their website and this album is definitely worth your time! Domo brings style and "swag" with this track but with the underlays of his Odd Future influence.


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