Mixtape #6

Here is another fresh mix-tape for you all to get playing and grooving to...

Beady Eye - Flick of The Finger

Everyone and anyone who enjoys the cocky boyish rambles of Liam Gallagher will have downloaded Beady Eye's teaser for their new album titled 'BE'. This song has all the normal beatles-like tint that Liam so effortlessly perfects but it gives the sense of a new direction for Beady Eye away from all the brotherly fighting and boozey s**t that comes out of his mouth. Respect is earned.

Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are 

Miles' teaser for his second album titled the same brings back the 'Kane' charm that we all love. The single starts as it means to go on with the 60s-esque bass line, funky guitar and don't forget the catchy lyrics however although its very similar to his first album, his EP release shows a much more complex second album ready in store for us. 

Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams)

Words are not needed to describe the perfection of this album but Daft Punk's second feature with the man of the moment Pharrell Williams brings more funk and more dancing to the world. This track has everything 'Get Lucky' holds but with another layer of funk! (not even possible)

Robin Thicke - Blurred Line (feat. T.I. and Pharrell)

Another feature for Pharrell but this time Robin Thicke brings him away from the futuristic funk of Daft Punk and into the modern chart track with 'Blurred Lines'. The track isn't a nightclub anthem but it will get all them movers and shakers up in a jiffy with its catchy "hey hey heys" and "woos" of Pharrell. The video isn't too bad either from both a male and females p.o.v.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert)

Away from all the vintage-clothes wearing and breaking through ceilings, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have created this beautiful and inspiring track. Titled 'Same Love' Macklemore tells the tale of being homosexual and being a rapper and the feature of Mary Lambert brings a softer sound to the track but also a more authentic feel to song with her being a lesbian herself.


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