Get on your Dancing Shoes

Now I must confess that I am not the biggest fan of this new popular house/dance/electro/dubstep trend that seems to be swarming the UK but I absolutely adore this album!

I downloaded this on Saturday night in preparation to put some songs on at my mate's house party that he was having as it does acquire songs that will please all my friend's tastes but after listening to this personally I have grown to it. Most of the songs are great with catchy tunes that make you want to dance your very tits off (pardon the language).

Annie Mac Presents 2012 is her fourth album where its all about remixes and blends on her favourite songs in the year so this album includes the obvious chart hitters as well as some quirky beats that havent graced the UK charts, the album also includes two of her own mixes as well as some extended mixes of songs already in the album.

I have only heard great things about Annie Mac for her great setlists live and her ability to take well known songs and put them in the nightclub environment! From what I have heard, I am definitely going to make a note to buy some tickets to see her live and rave on!!


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