iPad mini? Yes or No?

Right this is a major problem that I have been faced with over the last day or so.....should I buy an iPad Mini?

Just to set the scene, I am what people would call 'an apple w****er' as I do own a lot of Apple products (iMac, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPod Mini) but I totally believe that there is nothing wrong with that! Apple dominant the market now with simple design and amazing software which is mostly virus free and runs smoothly so why wouldn't I want to buy Apple products?

Now I do own an iPad 2 but to be honest it was bought as a birthday present for my 18th but I rarely have a chance to use it due to my parents who basically watch TV on catch up so I don't even see it nevermind use it. Also, I wanted the cellular iPad to use on the go but I bought the wrong one and didnt want to make my parents pay an extra £120 for a swap so the iPad Mini would be perfect to carry around and surf the internet with and do work etc... without using all my iPhone battery.

 In conclusion, I might just ask for it for Christmas.....score

Hopefully mine soon!


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