Winter Wishlist

The cold and dark nights are creeping in now so this is a perfect time to make a winter wishlist full of thick jumpers, waterproof coats and New Balance trainers (dont know why). So here is my winter wishlist just for yous

  1. New Balance M998BB 'Hunter' Green
  2. Supreme x North Face Mountain Shell Jacket
  3. Pendleton Shetland Crew Neck Knit
So there you are, these are my winter wishlists! The jacket and woolly jumper are essentials to survive the winters that I endure in Newcastle but the trainers are more of a secret obsession in New Balance trainers as of recent (if you look at older posts you will realise what I mean).

Supreme have again collaborated with North Face to make their Winter/Fall collection and this jacket is perfect for the random weather during England's winter. Water Resistant and lightweight is a great combo just incase you have to travel through some heavy rain but then it suddenly turns into a nice winters day!

This Pendelton knit is something I have wanted to buy for a while but I have just waited until the time is right which is drawing near, a big woolly jumper will do me perfectly for them very cold morning waiting for public transport and what not! 


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