GTA V Poster Leak

I have been waiting for this for a long time but GTA V is coming in Spring next year according to leak posters around the net.

These are two of the few leaked posters that have been available to the public now and dont they look good! Like GTA always does it looks like it allows for some free roaming fun again with bank robberies and taking photos on some hot chicks with your applepod!!!

GTA has always been a favourite of mine with its long story lines and non stop fun when you have finally completed them, if you like causing rampage with rocket launchers or just like driving about in fast cars looking cool (virtually) then GTA is the game for you. One thing I hope they bring back is multiplayer without being online like on San Andreas because that brought some awesome fun with friends just roadkilling everyone in the town with all of the police force after you....great times!

Keep your eyes peeled for more info.


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