Browns Restaurant

Me and Chloe enjoyed a lovely meal at Browns Restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne, situated on Grey Street next to the Theatre Royal Browns is easy to get to and in perfect location for a nice bite to eat and some drinks afterwards.

I ordered Bavette Steak Frites which was 1-minute steak with arrabiata butter on top of the steak served with chips and salad, it was beautiful. The steak was cooked perfectly for my tastes and the butter was to die for!

Chloe ordered The Browns Burger which was very tasty as well, it was well cooked but melted in your mouth like the steak and it served with chips, salad and a selection of condiments which included this apple coleslaw which Chloe highly rated.

The atmosphere was very good with the bar section being lively then the restaurant being rather quiet meaning it was nice for us to chat without being drowned out by the news of the bar, the selection of drinks and cocktails was vast (Chloe enjoyed a nice pink grapefruit cosmopolitan).

Overall, it is a once a month place to go as it was a bit pricey but it was well worth the expense with the quality of food etc..


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