Christmas Meal Outfit

Christmas Meal Outfit

Me and my groups of friends have annually indulged in a traditionally Christmas get-together for a meal and a lovely Merry Christmas before we all retreat back to our families to celebrate Christmas and this year is no exception. I have personally helped organise this years festivities with my dear friend Joseph so we have decided to set the dress code as very formal with suits for the men and lovely dresses and heels for the ladies.

We are attending The Living Room on Grey St. in Newcastle City Centre which is a rather swanky place so we thought it would be a great idea to set the dress code as swanky as we don't get much of a chance to fully dress up as we aren't at the suit everyday age yet!

This year I have decided to dust the cobwebs off my three-button dark grey Marks&Spencers Suit from the Autograph range, it was a nice tight fit which I prefer in a suit so all is well, I need the hem taken up on the suit pants but I have family who will do that. For a early Christmas present, Chloe has decided to buy me a new Oxford Shirt which I have been harassing her about so I have went for the Farah Vintage Oxford Shirt in white as it is has a clean cut without a front pocket which I prefer much more than my Fred Perry version which includes a front pocket which doesn't hold much function.

To make the suit a touch more on the swanky side I have went for a lovely knitted tie and some paisley braces to give that more formal occasion sense to the outfit rather than just plain school-boy shirt and tie! eBay do some amazing paisley braces which are better than the ones I have seen in leading stores like Topman etc.. mine cost £9.99 but the price range doesn't differ from that price too much so just choose your favourite :)

For footwear I only had to look at home with my good old Bass Weejun Penny Loafers, they are the most comfortable and smartest shoes I could ever ask for and they bring some great swank to the overall look. These are the only shoes anyone should own as they are amazing, touch pricey but completely worth it!


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