Edinburgh Day #2

I apologise for the late follow-up post to Edinburgh Day #1! I have been a busy bee with my Literature coursework and personal statement.

Our second full day in Edinburgh was on my actual birthday on Sunday 11th November so we decided to head over to the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh which is situated behind the castle. From what we looked at on the internet, the Grassmarket was right up mine and Chloe's street with some vintage decor shops, vintage clothing and some nice grub for us to feast on but with it being a Sunday many of the shops were closed so my advise would be go on a Saturday for the best chance to have a look in all the Grassmarket has to offer!

Swish was a lovely clothing shop, when we went inside it was more for women's clothing than men's but they still had some nice pieces of clothing in there!

How can you not like this picture, I must admit we were tempted to buy the shop!


Mini Eggs & Strawberry Cables - can't go wrong!

One of most interesting things in the Grassmarket was the obvious history within it, you can even see the old signs of what these buildings used to be. It also is a perfect indication of how proud the people of Edinburgh are of their heritage and the sudden rise of consumerism in the capital as this old furniture store is now an bar!

Grey Frairs is a church dedicated to a very young martyr.

You must try this place, Oink offers the finest hog roast sandwiches in Edinburgh. I bought the Grunter sandwich which is 250g of hog roast with stuffing and BBQ sauce, it was heaven in between two pieces of bun! For just below £4  this place is a real gem for a lunch while on the move around the Grassmarket.


After the trip around the Grassmarket we decided to head back to the room for a quick nap and to get sorted early for our meal and a few drinks afterwards to celebrate my day of birth. All ready and sorted we headed back over towards the Royal Mile for another 'gastropub' (we love these places).

Us all dolled up before my birthday night out!!

This place had some seriously cool burgers, Kohl 54 is another 'gastropub' like place with a wild selection of shots, cocktails, drinks as well as some lovely looking food. Situated just off the royal mile it was very welcoming place but it does tend to get busy during the daytime due to its location!

This is the Kohl Burger with added Chorizo, this is Beef Burger, Bacon, Cheese, BBQ Sauce and Chorizo and it was unbelievable! Chloe had the Acapulco burger which was similar but instead of BBQ sauce it had Guacamole which always was very very nice.

After the meal we had a few drinks in some places around Edinburgh but I can't really remember where ! (celebration drink's fault) but there were numerous pubs and clubs around Edinburgh to enjoy with each of their own personality!

Overall, we both fully enjoyed Edinburgh with its tourist sightseeing and its overall personality, we would definitely go again and we fully advise you too as well! :)

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