Earl's Return

Earl Sweatshirt is back to our ears after nearly a year out from solo work! His return seemed close after his appearance in Odd Future's album 'OF Tape Vol.2' and this his first piece work since his year away in Samoa, the single 'Chum' brings a new side to Earl with a very minimalistic approach to this single but it carries depth as he challenges aspects like his relationship with his father. Earl doesn't fail to mention Odd Future itself and how the group have shaped his life and himself as a person.

This 3-minute piece seems to give an insight to what we shall expect from his future work and rumours are that his solo album will follow this single probably at the start of 2013 but no confirmation has been set. This single is a mile away from the hectic, high-energy singles of Odd Future and this could be a start of a new Earl Sweatshirt.


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