New Kid On The Block

Boybands, boybands, boybands... that's all we hear about these days with the likes of One Direction or whatever next boyband the X Factor's wheel of shit is going to churn out but finally I have a 18 year old that I can listen to and enjoy their music without wanting to punch his face.

Jake Bugg has hit the ground running with his debut album after numerous TV appearances and Festival slots and he hasn't let his fans down with this album! The album gives a true sense of his musical influences especially the song 'Slide' which holds distinct similarities with Richard Ashcroft's 'Drugs Don't Work' and you sense a huge Oasis influence with all the swagger and mod-like style that comes with it.

I must admit it has taken me a while to purchase his album after my initial thoughts were that he was just a young lad with a lot of audience over one catchy song but the album holds much more depth and personality if you get away from 'Lightening Bolt'. His appearance on Jools Holland was outstanding as he portrayed a similar look to Alex Turner at the start of Arctic Monkey's career with his unfazed and almost arrogant look about him as he didn't even flinch.

The self-titled album will hopefully be the start of a great career for this young starter but don't take him as innocent because this young lad holds wit with him and isn't afraid to use it in his lyrics with his 'fat one' and he isn't afraid to 'run from the feds'.


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