Xmas Wishlist

i. The Hundreds Snapback
ii. Clarks Originals Desert Boots
iii. Apple Earpods
iv. Oliver Peoples Sheldrake 1003

Christmas is now upon us sooner than everyone expected so the high streets of the UK will be flooded with hundreds and hundreds of bargain hunting parents looking to get their children the newest and greatest gadget that Argos has to offer!

I, however, are at the age of 19 years old where Santa isn't real and Christmas is more about having a night out everyday before you have to go back to work/school/home/bed. I now look forward to a few festive drinks at my local pub before my lovely mother serves our Christmas Dinner then I retreat to the sofa for a nice annual Christmas sleep.

Anyways, more to the point, now I just make a Christmas Wishlist of a few items that I would like to receive as presents instead of the whole 'Santa down a chimney' bulls**t.

This year I have asked for the above, truthfully all I have asked for are the glasses thats all I really need due to my increasing blindness!! (gulp) But the new Apple Earpods look awesome with a new design and apparently a much better sound from the old Apple headphones and I don't actually own a working pair of headphones at the moment which annoying!

Despite the efforts of my other half I do want to purchase a snapback, no I am not a hipster/brutal/cock or whatever people who wear don't wear caps think people who do wear caps are but I think they are rather trendy if worn well and it will come in handy for next year's holiday away.

Finally, I am after a nice pair of winter shoes for the upcoming cold and wet weather so a nice pair of Clarks Originals Desert Boots are the perfect pair for the job. These are stylish and leather so more than likely waterproof and to be honest you cant go wrong with a good old desert boot!


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