Edinburgh Day #1

Mine and Chloe's visit to Edinburgh didn't really start until Saturday as we didn't arrive until late so we didn't to stay in the room and drink for the first night (sad I know).

We started off a good old visit to the Scottish National Gallery which is situated on Princes Street, I do have an appreciation of art but it wasn't great to be honest but the gallery did hold some amazing pieces from all genres of art! I would definitely suggest that you aren't that bothered about art (like me) then it's probably isn't the best thing to start off with in Edinburgh!

After the gallery we went off to the Royal Mile which is the walkway up onto the Castle and this is where the tourist area is held in Edinburgh with all the cashmere shops and novelty Scottish shops etc.. We detoured away from the Royal Mile then went to the National Museum of Scotland which is located just off the Royal Mile next to National Library.

Even though the museum did hold similarities to the National Museum in London and other museums around the UK it was still fun and did spend up some hours of your day, it is full of different sections like Nature then you had Space & Time and other cultures so there was a lot of different things to see! There is also a roof terrace which was perfect to capture some good shots of the city and also try and spot interesting things to go and visit during the rest of your stay.

On our journeys we found this cafe called The Elephant House which is the cafe where J K Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book and Ian Rankin wrote some Rebus novels there as well. We didn't go inside as it was rather busy but it did seem a nice cafe and a popular tourist attraction with Potter lovers worldwide.

Eventually we reached Edinburgh Castle and it was definitely worth all the walking we done on Saturday, the views are amazing and the castle itself is very well built and it stands out from any view in Edinburgh! For a full tour you have to pay so we didn't fancy it but you can still see the exterior of the castle and take some great photos.

 We both love 'gastropubs' so it seemed right to test out Edinburgh's finest from what I researched, the first one we went to was Red Squirrel on Lothian Road and it didn't upset. We both had the Bacon & Cheese burger but I had the option of Peri Peri fries while Chloe stuck with the normal chunky fries and I must say it was amazing food for the price we paid. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed which is exactly what we needed after a busy day around the tourist region of Edinburgh, overall the price for both of us came to £33 (1 drink included) which is great considering how good the food was.

Red Squirrel is based just off Princes Street and it is well worth a visit for a quick and cheap(ish) burger and chips with a few drinks on top!

So after our tiresome day, we retreated to the cinema to watch Skyfall but that review is for another post :)


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